General info
The work permit is one of the first and main documents to get all Cuban immigrants in general or into the United States
The granting of work permits is protected by law, and every Cuban immigrant who has been granted an parole (permission parole), is entitled to apply for a work permit.
This category includes both migrants entering the country illegally and legally. Illegal entry also covers those who enter by border is that of Mexico or Canada, and to those coming with citizenship of a third country, presented his Cuban passport when check with Immigration.
Generally, the USCIS granted a work permit or work permit for a period of two years.
Sometimes this term is reduced to one year, so if the person you want to apply for residency upon completion of one year to be physically in the country, you must apply to extend the work permit.
The extension request be made in conjunction with the application for residence / green card will not have to pay for in this case it is included in the application for residence.

Below we indicate the requirements to complete the application for work permit:

Fill the form required by the immigration authorities.
Two passport size photos, with certain requirements (contact us before them).
Copy of Parole granted entry into the country and passport.
Pay the fee set: $ 380.00 money order. If you apply for low income must submit the appropriate evidence (current statement of support being received from Children and Family, tax return last year as proof of low income, etc.).

Payment forgiveness
Immigration requires payment of $ 380.00 to apply for a work permit. However, people who are receiving some help from the government through the Department of Children and Family (Department of Children and Families) and Food Stamps of food stamps, Aid Medic or Cash or who can prove they have very low incomes so are in a precarious situation, they can qualify for a work permit with a pardon for payment or fee Waiver, as it is known in English. If the applicant meets the requirements is forgiven paying immigration fees. However, one should not confuse apply for low resources be exempted from any payment. Usually, the offices where people do these procedures charge a small fee for their work.

We are not lawyers. We do not give legal asistecia. We do not represent to any court.