General info
The residence in the US is highly coveted by all migrants, and Cuban citizens entering the country are no exception. Of course the case of the Cubans is atypical for the existence of the Cuban Adjustment Act, which provides a huge advantage over migrants from other nationalities. This law basically states that any Cuban who can demonstrate their physical presence in the United States for at least one year, has the ability to adjust their immigration status. In other words, you are eligible to apply for obtaining residence or American Greencard, as it is known in English.
It should be noted that the fact of being eligible transcribed did not qualify for obtaining the residence. For the same, the person should not have criminal charges or otherwise undesirable ones, such as having participated in persecution of people for political, national origin, sex, etc.
That law also covers spouses and children under 21 are eligible for the same process, provided they have a year of physical presence in the country. For spouses and children, they do not necessarily have the Cuban nationality.

To apply for US residency, every Cuban will need:
Copy of Birth certificate and its translation
Evidence of physical presence in the country for at least 1 year. For Cubans this is usually demonstrated by the parole (I-94) issued on arrival visa or passport
Medical exam
police report or Back Ground Check
Two passport size photos
biographical information for each applicant between 14 and 78 years.
Pay the fee established: money order $. If you apply for low income must submit the appropriate evidence (current statement of support being received from Children and Family, tax return last year as proof of low income, etc.).
Also, if the person entered the country expressing their civil status of married or divorced, you must also attach a copy of the marriage certificate or divorce, respectively. Of course, non-Cuban spouses must submit the marriage certificate that shows the link with the Cuban applicant. If there are no Cuban children apply together with the parent / non-Cuban mother, must submit birth certificates proving the paternal / maternal bond.

Payment forgiveness
Immigration requires a payment to apply for US residency. However, people who are receiving some help from the government through the Department of Children and Family (Department of Children and Families) and Food Stamps of food stamps, Aid Medic or Cash or who can prove they have very low incomes so are in a precarious situation, they can qualify for a work permit with a pardon for payment or fee Waiver, as it is known in English. If the applicant meets the requirements is forgiven paying immigration fees. However, one should not confuse apply for low resources be exempted from any payment. Usually, the offices where people do these procedures charge a small fee for their work.
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