A notary public is an official through which a private document receives as a public document, and signature authorizing this purpose.

Many documents require the seal or stamp of a notary public, to demonstrate or certify their validity. This seal or stamp does not mean in any way compromise or verification of what being sealed, the fact notarize a document simply means that the Notary Public, confirms and attests, that the person requesting the notarization is indeed the one you will be signing the document. In our company you. You can notarize according to the rules and protocols, any document that requires it.

The notary is the person whose acts are invested with what is called, Presumption of Truth, which is the stuff of public officials who are authorized or licensed by the laws and regulations to give public faith contracts, and acts out of the judiciary and but arising as a result of the relationship between two private persons, who are involved in any civil or commercial management.

The notary is also the person called to attend and give information to citizens on issues of inheritance, wills, etc.