Fiancé visas

The Fiancé visa or K-1, is the only type of visa is granted to foreign fiance or fiancee of a US citizen, so he can travel to US territory to marry.

The Fiancé or K-1 visa is only issued to people who are outside the territory of the United States through the consulate of the country in the country where the fiancé (e) of the citizen (a) American (a) is. The Fiancé visa is not issued to people who are already in the United States.

With our experience in cases of requests for visas Fiancé, we will help with the completion of all required forms for that matter, also will tell you what documents to support their application from the outset to provide as much evidence, avoiding and delays and unnecessary expenses.

It is important to know that in the process of approving a Fiancé Visa or K-1, various governmental entities that serve different functions involved:

Immigration Department or USCIS for its acronym in English. This is the body responsible for assessing whether your case qualifies and request more evidence of their relationship with the beneficiary of the Fiancé visa if deemed necessary.
NVC and NVC for its acronym in English. Once the USCIS or the Immigration Department has agreed with the case, it is sent to the National Visa Center where through the Department of Homeland Security or DHS for its acronym in English, his background checks be conducted and her fiance (a) in their country. Once verified, the NVC sends the case to the US consulate in the country where his fiancé (e) or Fiancé.
US consulate (in the country where his fiancé (e) or Fiancé). The American consulate in the country of your fiancé (e) quoted the same (a) for a personal interview. Once expired this interview, normally Fiance visa and your fiancé (e) may travel to the United States you will be issued.
Once your application has been processed, the fiancé (e) of a US citizen abroad will receive an appointment to appear at the US consulate in his country, where he will be interviewed (a). Once overcome the passage of the interview, a visa for fiancé (e) or abroad Fiance is issued. From the moment the beneficiary of such a visa has 6 months to travel to the United States. While enter US territory, they have 90 days to perform the marriage ceremony. Whenever he completes the term of 90 days, the person may remain in the United States, later moving to the next step would be to request a work permit or residence or the American Green Card.

The procedure for obtaining a visa Fiancé constantly changing so it is very important to review your case deeply when you. Are ready to proceed with the request of the Fiancé Visa.

The basic requirements to apply for a Fiancé visa are:
The applicant or petitioner must be a US citizen.
They intend to marry within 90 days of the arrival of foreign fiance.
Both members of the couple must be legally free to marry, or any previous marriage must be duly completed through divorce, widowhood or annulment of.
They must have seen or met in person within the two years preceding the application. There are exceptions to this requirement provided by the impossibility of the applicant because of extreme difficulties being hindered, or religious constraints prohibiting the promised type (a) foreign (a) be visited by the US side.
The relationship must be genuine. If necessary you. And your fiancé (e) must be able to demonstrate a true relationship.
The citizen requesting the Fiancé visa must meet established income levels or have the support of a sponsor or co-sponsor.
The foreign fiancé must undergo medical examinations by an authorized by the US Consulate in the country of the same panel

If the marriage does not take shape within the 90 days stipulated by the immigration department, the foreign fiance must leave the territory of the United States because this visa can not be extended. If the foreigner does not leave the United States promised 90 days, will be violating the immigration laws of the country, which could end up with a removal or deportation process and affect its status as eligible in the future for any other immigration benefit.

Each type of visa has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, typically the K1 Fiancé visa is granted or faster and simpler way otherwise the visa marriage K-3 or CR1, but take longer and are perhaps a little more complex, they have the advantage of it being granted automatically become US residency card or Green card, without the need for a process of adjustment of status, which meant a saving of time and money.

The costs of the petition process fiancé (e) or Fiancé abroad, are different in many cases, so we recommend you contact our office in order to provide relevant information in your case, but you can be sure he help achieve its purpose in the most economical way, safely and quickly as possible.

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