Claiming family

It is no secret that most people who come to the United States immigration status, leave behind sons, brothers, husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, parents, etc., so it is quite normal that after being a time in this country, those same people wishing to start a family reunification process in the United States, where they can develop and have aspirations for a better life.

The process of claim Alien Relative, or Petition for Alien Relative, is long, complicated, and as almost all immigration procedures, delicate. For all this we will try to summarize the most important to consider when you aspects. It has decided to initiate the process.

The process of Claim Petition for Alien Relative or depending on the person making the request, or "Petitioner" family may be claimed with varying degrees of consanguinity.

When the petitioner or applicant is a person with the status of Legal Permanent Resident of the United States, you can only claim:
Spouse. To this must be presented (documents and evidence).
Child (a) under 21 yo
Son (a) of 21 or greater, singles
Note: No visas to married sons or daughters of lawful permanent resident is granted. If the son or daughter of a permanent resident marries in the claims process, rather than the petitioner acquired the status of citizen, the application of that child is automatically revoked.
When the applicant is a person with the status of citizen of the United States, you can claim:
Spouse. For this you must submit (documents and evidence).
Parent, you. Must submit documentary evidence of filial relationship, as well as, in some cases, evidence of the beneficiary's participation in the life of the petitioner.
Child under 21 yo
Son of 21 years or more this single
Married child of any age
His brother or sister (The applicant must be 21 years or older)
Their parent (You. Must be 21 years or older)
Like almost all the processes of immigration, Reclamation or Alien Relative Petition for Alien Relative is no exception in terms of cost and complexity, so never recommend undertaking this long and rough road alone, let us advise you from the first day. Note that the possibility that his wife, children and parents can enjoy the benefits of this great country is in your hands, which is undoubtedly a great responsibility for you. And any error or improper performance of the process can bring irreversible consequences.

The process of claim family has a cost to be paid to the Immigration Department 420 USD.
Besides the cost procedural immigration, you. You must have funds to pay other fees for managing your claims process, which start at 100 USD and vary according to the case, as each has different conditions and requires different documentation. These processes lead rigged a group of translations, notarization, etc. it will pay to the extent that the process moves forward, and we will keep indicating the steps as we beating. Thanks to the confidence of our customers and we have several cases prosecuted Reclamation or Alien Relative Petition for Alien Relative, we have succeeded in bringing to a successful conclusion and have managed to reunite his family.

We are not lawyers. We do not give legal asistecia. We do not represent to any court.