American citizenship

After obtaining residency, US citizenship should be a priority for Cubans living in the USA. However, mastering the English language is a barrier for many residents when applying for citizenship.

The basic requirements to apply for citizenship legally are having lived in USA for 5 years, pass a civics exam and a very basic English, and finally swear allegiance to the US.

Although the time required residence is usually 5 years in the case of married spouses with American citizens, the waiting time is reduced to three years, although in this case the citizen spouse must have been for at least 3 years equally.

Of course, as with the American residence, immigration authorities require that the applicant has not committed certain crimes that invalidated for obtaining citizenship.

An advantage for Cubans apply for American citizenship is that being naturalized, and then get your US passport, no need to take the expensive Cuban passport to travel, unless wishing to travel to Cuba, in which case if necessary .

The applicant should try to memorize as much information he has provided in the application, since the immigration officer was guided by it to confirm data. For this reason, not only must be clear about the dates of trips made, for example, it must also provide reasons for your trip (business, vacation, view the family, etc.).

The applicant must be able to read, understand and explain in their own words the "Oath of Allegiance", since it can be interviewed on this issue.

Below we indicate the requirements to complete the application for American citizenship:

Fill the form required by the immigration authorities. When applying for citizenship, the applicant must provide information concerning the addresses where he has lived for the past five years. It must also provide information on trips made outside the US for more than 24 hours in the last five years. Also, the information related to the jobs is important. As shown, the processing of American citizenship requires collection of a variety of information, so it is recommended to properly prepare these purposes.
Two passport size photos, with certain requirements (contact us before them).

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